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Depression is defined in many ways. One definition is "an emotional state of dejection and sadness, ranging from mild discouragement and downheartedness to feelings of utter hopelessness and despair.  Another definition is "exaggerated sadness coupled with pessimism ¦which the person thinks will persist indefinitely regardless of what they do about it  (Irwin, p8). Either way, depression is an illness that involves the mind and body. It can affect psychological things, such as the way someone feels about themselves, and biological things, such as eating and sleeping. There are many different types of depression with many different symptoms. Depression also affects many types of people. This disorder can be treated, but it is the person's responsibility to get help (NIMH, p1).

Depression ranges from mild to severe types. A mild type of depression can simply be a "blue mood  or even just a bad day. Some psychiatrists say that it is normal to feel down when you're overly tired or stressed. These sieges of "the blues  generally subside quickly but can also escalate to moderate depression (Irwin, p10).

Moderate depression can also be called neuro

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