Greasy Lake

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During a time when it was hip to be bad, three teenagers thought they were the epitome of the word. In T. Coraghessan Boyle's short story, "Greasy Lake,  the three young men seek adventure at a local hangout. After playing a practical joke on one of their friends at Greasy Lake, the three teens quickly realize that they are in for more adventure than they had bargained for. By the end of the night, the narrator of the story matures significantly after he and his friends, Digby and Jeff, run into some people more "bad  than themselves.

The bars and clubs are closing and they had cruised the strip 67 times. There is nothing left for the three boys to do but head up to Greasy Lake. Upon arriving at the lake, Digby recognizes a mint '57 Chevy as his friend Tony Lovett's car. After beating on the horn and strobing their lights at the Chevy, they exit their vehicle in hopes of catching a glimpse of their friend engaging in some kind of sexual act. As they near the Chevy, a very bad character with greasy jeans steps out of the car. The narrator receives a swift kick in the jaw that knocks him to the ground. To his defense Digby delivers "a savage kung fu blow to

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