Internal And External Factors

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Analyzing External and Internal Factors of PepsiCo Inc.

We chose to look at PepsiCo Inc.'s managerial methods. We have analyzed the companies' organizational mission, ethics management and Internet strategy. PepsiCo is a company with many different segments. The one company includes Pepsi-Cola brands, Tropicana brands, and Frito-Lay brands. Each section of the company has about ten to fifteen different brands in it. The four levels of management: Planning, Organizing Resources, Leading, and Controlling cover all of the segments of leadership in this company.

Analyzing External and Internal Factors of PepsiCo Inc.

PepsiCo Inc.'s mission statement is as follows:

"PepsiCo's overall mission is to increase the value of our shareholder's investment. We do this through sales growth, cost controls and wise investment of resources. We believe our commercial success depends upon offering quality and value to our consumers and customers; providing products that are safe, wholesome, economically efficient and environmentally sound; and providing a fair return to our investors while ad

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