Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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This story is about a young girl named Won-a-pa-lei or her real name Karana. She, her older sister Ulape, and her brother Ramo live on the Island of the Blue Dolphins. They live with their father, the chief of Ghalas-at, Chowig.

Every year people called Aleuts come to their island to hunt otter. This year the Aleuts made a deal with Chief Chowig. If the Aleuts could stay on the island to hunt otter they would give the tribe half of their catch. They would be granted one part of the catch, paid in goods, and 2 parts for the Aleuts. Chief Chowig said that the parts had to be equal, and the Aleuts agreed. When the Aleuts were done hunting, they tried to leave the island without paying off their debt. This made the tribe mad, so a battle ensued. The goods finally got paid, however, most of the tribe members were killed, including the Chief.

The next Chief, Kimki, made a decision that the island was no longer saf

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