Ghengis Khan

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" The Mongolian Empire 

The Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan (1162-1227), also known as Jenghiz Khan

was said to have conquered over two-thirds of the known world in his lifetime. He was

renowned as a brilliant strategist, employing methods of warfare that were decades before

his time. He had a mobile cavalry, coordinated fighting style, and respect for his

Temu-jin of Mongolia, best known by others as Genghis Khan, meaning

"Universal ruler  or "emperor of all emperors  is said to have created one of the greatest

empires spanning from China to the Adriatic Sea. Temu-jin was the son of Kiyat-

Borijiad chieftan who was assassinated when Temu-jin was a young man. Most of the

followers of Genghis Khans father felt he was to young of a boy to protect them, so the

tribe went and sought a more powerful lord leaving Genghis Khan and his family to fend

for themselves. For about ten years they lived off the land eating roots, berries and small

animals such as mice. During these years it taught Genghis Khan to not be foolishly

adventurous and brave giving him the shrewd, steady and practical personality that will

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