Love In Les Miserables

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Love may be the most intriguing and used theme in all of literature. The power of love is overwhelming; it can make a crude ruler cry, it can bring a fierce warrior to his knees, and it can make the meanest man sweet again. Love is present throughout the great novel "Les Miserables  and is most present in the character Cosette. Cosette brings the once hardened criminal Jean Valjean into a loving being and she also shows undying love for Marius.

Jean Valjean is arrested for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister's starving children. He is thrown in jail and not released for nineteen years. This act shows his love for the children. However, after being in jail for nineteen years Valjean has become hardened and mean. When he is released he does not know love and does not know how to be nice to people. Because he is a criminal no innkeeper will allow him into his inn, but then he comes upon the house of the Bishop of D____. The Bishop of D____ shows love towards Valjean and allows him to stay in his home.

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