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Marriage From Then To Now

             During the 1950s marriage,weddings and honeymoons, and the role of men and woman dating has changed plenty in America to modern age.
             Marriage compared to the 50s has changed in many ways to now. People are getting married at younger ages now and to anyone they please. Things such as race, color, nationality does not matter anymore. Decisions are more free then they ever were. In the 50s people would go through a process in which the families agree upon the person and whether or not he or she is good enough for one another. These decisions were more based on color religion and family as opposed to now a days where none of that truly matters.
             Wedding and Honeymoons have also changed greatly. In the 50s weddings andhoneymoons were about the to truly becoming one and being excepted one another. Ceromonies weren’t even nearly as nice as they are today. Today people go for the white weddings. The party after and all the fancy smancy things they get with the marriage. Honeymoons are taken to the extremes costly plenty for the couple. Honey moons in the 50s were bonding points and breaks that the couple took to get away from things and celebrate.
             The role of men and woman dateing has also changed. In the 50s men and woman would meet at certain bars and dances in which they would go usually single to look for a date. Such actions kind off still take place but more dating services like shows websites and telephone lines have kicked up to this day of age. The use of technology has boosted the way one another meet and get things organized.