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Technology of The Media in the 1920s

            The Radio was one of the most instrumental pieces of equipment in 1920s publicity and broadcasting. It was first developed long before in 1879, but it was bulky, noisy, and had poor reception. After being later revamped with new vacuum tubes and rectifiers, the radio was honed into the interesting little device that made it into such a craze during the 1920s. After this renovation signals could be transmitted and received with improved clarity around 1920. This was what first began the idea of public radio in the United States. .
             After this upraise the first public radio broadcasting station opened in Pittsburgh in 1922. It became an instant success. Listeners in this time would sit around the radio listening to everything that was broadcasted. As a result many more radio stations popped up during the 20s, some even over night. This was such a success because it provided a cheap and convenient way of conveying information and ideas. The first broadcasts consisted of primarily news and world affairs. Later in the decade radios were used for broadcasting everything from concerts and sermons to sporting events. The radio was certainly one of the most important invention of the 1920s, because not only did it bring the nation together, but it brought a whole new way for people to communicate that we still use today. .
             Another influential invention of the 1920s was that of the car by William Henry Ford. Not only did it completely change how we transport ourselves from place to place but it also opened new way for the movie industry. This was because early movie theatres were very empty because of their sparse distribution of theatres, but once cars became popular people began rushing in and out of movie theatres. The 1920s held an incredible amount of advances for the movie industry. .
             When movies were first being recorded they had no sound and less ticket buyers. Then the first sound recorded movie came out in 1922 called “The Jazz Singer” starring Al Jolson.