One Hour Photo

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Robin Williams has always been "the funny guy . While acting in comedies ranging from Mrs. Doubtfire to Patch Adams he is now starting to unravel into more low key characters. Some say that the reason for this is a result of his mother's death, and getting out of the excessive partying mode. He also is simmering down now because of his age. Williams said is an interview, "You hit 50. You don't look fabulous anymore. Your hair starts growing out of your nose and leaving your head. You're some Chia pet from hell . So Williams is headed towards darker movie roles, and putting off his so-called "zany  old ways.

Williams' first acting gig was on a 1970's sitcom "Mork and Mindy  He got the role after auditioning on his head. This audition seemed to spark the start of a famous comedian. Williams now is trying out for villain roles, and he's receiving the part because of his talent to make his acting versatile. Williams has recently been in 3 movies that haven't portrayed his comic sense of humor. The movies were Death to Smoochy, Insomnia, and personally my favorite One Hour Photo.

Who would think that Robin Williams one of the fun

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