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Human Resources - Compensation and Benefits

            In terms of compensation and benefits, technology companies Google and Facebook can be compared. is an American multinational innovation organization that specializes in internet-related items and services. The company's mission is to take the world's information, organize it, and make it useful and accessible to all individuals. Google hires those who are knowledgeable and determined to reach the goals of the company. Ability is supported over experience, therefore, someone older in age isn't necessarily looked upon as overpowering. The workers all share common visions even though they are very diverse and speak numerous languages, which reflects the global audience that the organization serves. On the other hand, Facebook is an online social networking site. It allows people from all across the world to interact with one another, posts photos, and to share any type of information. Moreover, Facebook and Google are both very similar and different when it comes to compensation and benefits. .
             Direct compensation at these companies consist of a base salary and a cash bonus. Software engineers at Facebook get a base salary of $110,874 accompanied with a cash bonus of $13,781. Google's base salary is lower at $103,223, but it offers a higher bonus of $18,117 (CITE). However, if a Google employee is unhappy with the compensation they are receiving, it is almost impossible for it to change since Google doesn't negotiate. Principle recruiter for Google Engineering, Bob See, said, "Once an offer is extended, Google won't change its offer. So negotiation tactics like 'That's not good enough, I want more' are irrelevant to Google's compensation philosophy" (Gillett). Therefore, the company stays consistent with the pay it proposes to someone if it is suitable. The only way Google will reconsider its current offer is if new information like a contending offer of current pay is given.
             If the contending offer is above the standard offer given by Google, then a competitive offer will be conducted by a compensation analyst (Gillett).

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