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Human Resources

            We live in a world of explosive technological change and of intense global competition. More than ever before, these pressures are forcing organizations to become more effective and efficient. Top managers are beginning to realize that organizational success depends upon careful attention to human resources. Within today's business world the focus on human resources has increased tremendously in recent years. Companies have realized the importance of human resource to administer employers relations with employees. Such human resources services involve the recruitment for a company as well as over seeing benefit and compensation packages, temporary and permanent placement of qualified workers and ensuring training and future development are observed and meet the company's qualifications.
             Employment policies must take into account court decisions and legislations pertaining to a wide range of issues - age, race and disability discrimination; health and safety requirements, employment security, confidentiality; and sexual harassment, to name a few. .
             Tyson suggests that the aim of the HR strategy process is concerned with devising ways of managing people, which will assist in the achievement of organizational objectives. Within these processes HR assists management in development and implementing policies, practices and philosophies to benefit the organization. Tyson recognizes that there is a lack of importance placed on the actual process that leads to the success of organizations and therefore could be seen as changes in the policies, practices and philosophies of organizations. .
             Kane and Stanton realize that the planning process of the human resource function is key to the challenges of the future to organizations. They also discuss the importance of developing and understanding the appropriate process for organizations to effectively utilize the HR function, so that challenges are supported by the best strategic process to benefit employers and employees.

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