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Personal Goals Paper

             Furthering my education has been a personal goal I have strived to achieve. It was not until a few years after my high school graduation that I decided to attend college. So with the help of my life-partner, I decide to attend University of Phoenix, I know am on the right path to carry out my goal on becoming a store manager (training supervisor). I plan to achieve this goal through academics and work experience.
             My career goals involve being promoted with my company. Attending the University of Phoenix will help me pursue a foundation for my career and improve my own self-esteem. I also want to improve myself within the knowledge of the career that I am now choosing with Payless. Another goal is to help me feel more comfortable with future situations and give me the knowledge and confidence to work under demanding pressures of a store manager as well as everyday life. Other goals include focusing on developing ideas, study skills, recognizing strengths and weaknesses. Receiving my bachelors’ degree is not my final goal at the University of Phoenix; I am interested in a master degree in business management as well. Being able to explore my skills and training and being able to research the jobs that I am capable of is very important. I want to be a positive asset for my company, by developing communications skills. Having excellent communications skills is major part of succeeding in my job. Associates, as well as myself, have to communicate effectively to achieve overall goals as a team. I plan to achieve my communications skills by participating in team discussion, class discussion and reading the text to develop these skills.
             Managing my time is a goal I have always struggled with, mostly because of working long irregular hours. I plan to create a study schedule where I read the course material(s) for the class I am currently in. Then I wait for the following day before proceeding unto the written work.