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"Will Frankenfood Save the Planet  is an opinionated examination of whether transgenic foods offer a practical solution to feeding the planet as populations grow.

No-till farming, meaning no ploughing is a major change in the agricultural process, since ploughing has been the standard for over 10,000 years. Ploughing facilitates pollution run-off, erosion and release of greenhouse gases. Today's ground-breaking farmers are working on ways to eliminate ploughing. The benefits of no-till farming are not only environmental, but it produces a higher and better quality yield. In addition, no-till farming is a financially wise move because it saves the expense of fuel needed for ploughing as well as other energy costs. Furthermore, no-till farming has had a large impact in cleaning up some of Virginia's rivers and waterways because it limits the fertilizer run-off, which is a major cause of algae bloom that kills marine life. A major obstacle to no-till farming however is that it is dependent on the use of genetically modified cro

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