Was Macbeth Evil?

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Examine the influences and events of the play to discuss to what extent macbeth may be described as evil

The word evil to me means someone whose cold hearted, mean and doesnt care for anyone in the world apart from themselves. In the beginning of the play, Macbeth doesnt seem evil in anyway. Hes come back from war and fought bravely. Some may even say heroically. In the first scene of the witches we feel scared and curious, and in the next scene the play shirfts from the gruesome world of the witches to royal authority. We learn that Macbeth has been a loyal solidior to king Duncan. The audience doesnt suspect Macbeth to be evil at all, although he eid kill very gruesomely at war.

Later on in the play he goes on to murder several people. However these murders do not make the audience think so highly of Macbeth. Macbeth murdered several people during the course of the play. When Macbeth murdered someone at war, he killed them very gruesomely but it was not considered evil because it was considered the noble and brave thing to do. When he killed the king however it was thought of as a very evil deed. I think that murder is evil in most circumstances, and therefore many evil things happen during the play.

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