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Do Asian Need Democracy

            These days, majority of countries now accepted the form of democracy. Only few countries, including China, and North Korea, have absolute despot or group of powerful people. America has been the model of democracy for most of the European, and Asian countries. But as the culture of Asia and western countries are different, that causes some kind of conflict between traditional ways and democracy. I really encourage accepting the idea of democracy because it promises the freedom and right of individual. Also democracy will reduce the amount of mistakes made one or few person. South Korea and Japan are good model for successful democratic countries that other countries can follow.
             One of the best strength of democracy is that each individual can enjoy freedom and equal rights in front of laws. In the past, most of the Asian countries had absolute ruler or group of powerful people who enjoyed a lot of power. Compare to some of the high class group, most of the people lived very unfairly. Democracy, which states that country runs by people, is the best choice to gain a person ¡ ¯s right. All single person is valuable and has right to enjoy freedom. So it will be good for non-democratic Asian countries to convert their governmental system to democracy.
             If we have an absolute ruler who decides all things, there is great possibility to make mistakes. But, in democracy, we follow the majority vote so there is less possibility to make mistakes. In democratic society like South Korean, before making an important decision, government hears lots of opinion from citizens and all decision is made by representatives of citizen. This will also ensure the minimum opposition compare to the decision made by one person. So I think accepting democracy will help Asian countries to make wiser decision and easier to get buttress from their citizens.
             Lastly, if we look as some of the Asian countries which accepted democracy, we can easily tell that most of them are reaching to developed nations like South Korea.

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