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             When you hear the word cosmetics, I can bet artist isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Well, my first make-up experience was just that, an artwork and I was the artist. I"d have to say I was about two or three when this happened. As a young child I loved being with my mom and doing exactly what she did. Although putting on cosmetics was one thing I could never do. I had the worst temper, and when I didn't get what I wanted I"d cry or do something mean to the person that made me mad.
             Ever since I can remember cosmetics have fascinated me. I always looked forward to the times when my mom and I would go up town or to the mall, because then I"d get to watch her put on cosmetics. I loved helping her decide what color eye shadow she"d wear that day and what lipstick would look better with what top. Watching her apply cosmetics never got boring. It amazed me that by adding a bit of color to your face, you could look so different and more beautiful. I was never allowed to touch it though, which always made me mad. "It was mommy's," she"d say. Well, of course when someone tells you you"re not suppose to touch something what are you going do, but touch it. .
             So one day while she was applying some powder I came in, grabbed some eye shadow and began to put it on. She popped my hand and told me to wait until I got a little older. I had such a pretty face that I didn't need that extra stuff clogging my pores. Well, at the time I had no idea what she was talking about, but I got so mad that I stormed out. Well, later on that night when she went to bed I went to her bathroom and took all of her cosmetics and experimented on myself. First, I got my face all dolled up then I got the great idea to use her lipsticks as crayons.
             To begin with I did little drawings on the mirror, the counter, myself. Then I decided to spice up my mother's wardrobe. So I took all her lipsticks, which I might add were very brightly colored and got to work.

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