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Concert Report

            Jocelyn Sanders, Horn and Natural Horn.
             The first selection was Nocturno for Horn in F, Op.7 written by Franz Strauss (1822-1905). Franz Strauss was the father of Richard Strauss who wrote two famous works for the horn. Franz represents the Early Romantic period. This piece had a very good use of the range that the horn has available. It was very consonant in the way it sounded. It had a very soft texture to it and was very flowing rhythm. I enjoyed this piece it had a great blend between polyphony and homophony. .
             The second selection was by Franz Danzi (1763-1826). It was called Sonata in E-flat for Horn and Piano, Op. 28. Franz Danzi is part of the Romantic period where he became a great cellist. This selection started out slow and progressively became faster. The piano played a lot faster in this piece than the horn. I liked this selection also it was enjoyable to listen to and made me feel kind of sleepy.
             The third selection was Romance, Op.36 by Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921). This composer wrote three works for the horn between 1874 and 1887 she was in the Romantic period. This piece was different than the rest; it used dissonance in both the horn and the piano. I felt it wasn't a flowing as the rest it was just strange especially the sounds the horn made. I didn't like this one it was too strange for me.
             The next selection was Romance for Horn and Piano by Alexander Scribine (1872-1915). He was also from the Romantic period. This piece displays his use of lyricism, varying tone color, and rhythms. This piece was very enjoyable it was fun to listen to. It used the horn and piano together very originally that's what I most liked about it. .
             The fifth selection we listened to was Chant Corse pour cor en fa et Piano Danse Profane by Henri Tomasi (1901-1971) he was in the Impressionist Period. This piece was enjoyable because it moved me with his use of the solo with both the horn and piano.

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