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Venezuela Health

            The country of Venezuela is located in northern South America. Because of its tropical climate, there is an increased risk of acquiring a disease because the weather allows for year round growth. In spite of this the required immunizations are almost identical to the ones required to attend school in the United States. .
             Measles .
             Hepatitis A.
             Hepatitis B.
             Yellow Fever.
             Tetanus-diphtheria .
             Varicella (chickenpox).
             Recently there has been an outbreak of dengue fever. A flu-like illness spread by the Aedes mosquito. The usual mosquito prevention is used to avoid contracting the virus. Such as bug spray and DDT laced mosquito netting for use around bedding. It is also recommend that people avoid areas that are known to be infected with the disease, because the mosquitoes that spread dengue fever only bite humans during the day. There is no vaccine for it at this time. There has also been a measles outbreak of more than 8,000 people since September of 2001. This is probably due to the fact that most of the children have never received the vaccine. It was found in the residences of Venezuela and not in visitors. Last year there was a localized outbreak of hoof and mouth disease. Found only in farm animals it poses no health threat to travelers, though it may spread the disease if their clothing, shoes, or personal effects become contaminated. .
             Some other infections found in Venezuela are Chagas disease. A transmitted by triatomine insects, which infest human dwellings. Transmission has been effectively controlled in recent years through an aggressive program of insecticide house-spraying and improvements in rural housing. Venezuelan equine encephalitis reached epidemic levels in 1995 after unusually heavy rainfalls in the northwestern part of the country. Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever was reported in 1989-1991, the infection appears to be related to rodent exposure.

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