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Sarah Michelle Gellar: A Woman of Many Talents

             Sarah Michelle Gellar: A Woman of Many Talents.
             Born April 14, 1977, in New York City, Sarah Michelle Gellar has accomplished more in her brief.
             twenty-five years than many can hope to accomplish in their whole life. Her plethora of talents have.
             led her to not only commercial, television, and film work, but also to a musical album.
             Sarah Michelle Gellar began her career in commercial work. She was the little girl in the infamous.
             Burger King commercial where , for the first time ever, a direct comparison was made between the.
             fast food chain and it's rival, McDonald's. Also, Gellar is now the face of Maybelline cosmetics.
             Sarah Michelle Gellar's television career has blossomed into that of legends. Not only did she win.
             an Emmy for her portrayal of "Kendall Hart" on ABC"S soap opera hit All My Children, she has also.
             instigated a cult following of her current hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
             Gellar's talent has helped her leap from the small screen onto the big screen. With starring roles.
             in such movies as Cruel Intentions, Simply Irresistible, and Scream 2, Gellar has forged her way.
             into becoming one of Hollywood's top drawing actresses. This is partly due to her excellent.
             portrayal of "Helen Shivers" in the thriller/horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer. .
             Due to Joss Whedon's inspired and much revered creation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gellar's.
             vocal talents have been forever immortalized on an album featuring the music from the highly.
             praised musical episode Once More, with Feeling. On this album, she lends her voice to the.
             following songs:.
             1.) "Going Through The Motions".
             2.) " If We"re Together".
             3.) " Walk Through the Fire".
             4.) " Something to Sing About".
             5.) " Where Do We Go From Here".
             As one can see, Sarah Michelle Gellar possesses a multitude of talents. From singing to acting,.
             there is nothing that this young woman cannot do. Gellar enjoys what even some of the greatest.

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