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Michelle Nunn for US Senate

            In Georgia, we have a long list of sociological issues and concepts that are yet to be addressed. Some of these sociological concepts are the high unemployment rate, the unending increase in taxes, and the standard of education. These are issues that affect every American and even me as an international student. This is why I have decided to vote for Michelle Nunn as the US Senator for Georgia on the fourth of November. Michelle Nunn is a democrat and the current CEO of Points of Light which was founded by the former President George H. W. Bush. Points of Light is one of the nation's largest volunteer organizations. I have observed Michelle Nunn through the media and I strongly believe that she is a woman determined to bring decorum to Washington.
             First and foremost, Michelle Nunn is determined to help create jobs for unemployed American's. She has spent twenty-six years of her life in Georgia mobilizing volunteers and building communities. Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the United States of America and Michelle is determined to aid in the creation of greater economic growth and in the discovery of greater jobs for the masses. This is unlike her opposing candidate: David Perdue. David has a record of shipping jobs overseas. He has spent majority of his career outsourcing jobs. I believe Michelle Nunn could handle this issue.
             Secondly, another issue is on the unending increase in taxes. Taxes are still a problem for Georgia. Michelle Nunn has promised to reduce taxes by removing the regulatory burdens on small business owners, and reduce the corporate tax rate. This will have a positive effect on other concerns. For example, there would be investments in infrastructure and raw materials. She also wants to raise the minimum wage because she feels that everyone that is working has the capacity to be self-sufficient. This is another issue that David Perdue disagrees on. He does not believe in raising the minimum wage.

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