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Most Wanted

             Most wanted is a classical story about family problems. This story could be a story from real life, and maybe it is. The family seems very normal, like a typical family with two kids, two adults, and that is it. For example on page 1, line 25-26" row that flared up over the nine o"clock news- It is described like the nine o clock news is just a normal everyday habit. When I have concluded that it is a typical family, then I have to look at the typical problems that come along with these normal families. For example on page 1, line 1 "My parents engrossed by other matters, failed to realise-.
             Here we can see that the parents have other things to care about, which is more important to them than their kids. .
             About the narrator you can conclude that she is the person in the family who is given less attention. I can say that, because we do not hear much about what she is doing, or her feelings (except from the last line of the story). She is the older sister, who has to accept the fact that her parents fight all the time, that she has to be loyal to her brothers and sisters, and the fact that her parents do not have time for her .
             The relationship between her parents seems okay but it is not. It is clear that the parents do not agree on how to raise heir kids. We are told on page 1, line 7: "My dad was not our favourite for collecting us from a friend's house." This sentence makes it clear that the parents are doing things in separate ways, also when it is about their kids. From my point of view, this may be the reason that the parents split up in the end. .
             The problem about Michelle stealing is caused by the bad relationship between the parents. Michelle probably just wants more attention and she believes that she will get that by doing something bad. For example if you take a look at page 1, line 21: "For the first time in months, Michelle had got dad's full attention" Michelle continues stealing because that way, she gets what she wants.

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