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Most Wanted

             To distinguish between what is right and wrong can sometimes be difficult. Espesially for kids it can be a big problem. The ignorance of what is wrong can have different bad results and it can cause strifes between people. .
             In the short story "Most Wanted" written by Amanda Coe, published in 2000, we meet a narrator ( a girl ) whos little sister, Michelle, has a problem to distinguish between right and wrong. .
             "My sister had turned into a theif" (line 1-2). It says very direct that the narrator's little sister has become a thief. She had stolen a shower gel and a puzzle from a friend, a flute from the school, and some books from the library. What is important about this is that she does not know she had done something wrong. This comes out in the lines 50-52 "Have you been nicking things again?, No! Alison said I could lend it".
             The title is based on her problem. She is not a crime as the title leads to, but she needs to be punished or taken care of and learn to disinguish btween right and wrong.
             "My parents, engrossed by other matters, failed to realise that my sister had turned into a thief" (lines 1-2). These lines show that the parents are so engrossed by themselves and their own problems, that they don't observe that their daughter has a problem. .
             The parents problem are one another. They have different visions about many situations and handle them very not alike. This comes out in the lines 15-20 "Even then, if my mum had been there, she could have transformed this possible crime into something foolish but forgiveable. Insteadog which, my dad forced Michelle into an extravagant and finally tearful apology, slapped her legs in front of Alison and Mrs Church, and carted her back to the car in disgrace" and in the lines 25-26 "That night, our parents had a long, hopeless row that flered up over the nine o"clock news and continued into the small hours". .
             The Mum is the one who tries to hold the entire family together and the dad is just sitting in front of the telly.

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