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I want to go home

             The book I chose that had a significant impact on me was a novel from the mind of Gordon Korman, entitled I Want To Go Home. This book is about a teenager named Rudy who is forced to go to camp, and simply put, wants to go home. Throughout the novel, different counselors and campers try different methods to get Rudy into the spirit and not sulking the whole day. Unfortunately, their attempts are useless. Rudy is a wonder at all sports, a genius, and can even dance up a storm. This had a unique impact on me in a few ways. .
             First, Gordon Korman's novel made me feel like I had been to the camp before. The descriptions are detailed, and put in a way that a teenager can relate to them. Korman's style of writing really ensnares the personality it is attempting to write about. As a teenager myself, it's as if I can feel everything that he is describing, almost as if I"m in the book. .
             Second, Gordon Korman showed me, especially in I Want To Go Home, that words can be easily mistaken and the way you say something can be skewed by one or two words. In the novel, a counselor asks Rudy if he plays baseball. He simply answers "I don't do baseball." Despite his answer, later on in the summer, Rudy finally agrees to play, and immediately uncovers his obvious natural talent at the sport. The counselor says, "Rudy, I though you couldn't play baseball." He replies simply, "I never said I couldn't, I said I don't." When I first read this, I was caught by mistake as well. I didn't think Rudy would end up playing baseball and being good at it. .
             I think I can relate to this book because I am much like Rudy. I am very stubborn when it comes to things like camp, and doing things with my parents. Etc. In a sense I like to be rebellious and do things on my own. Much like Rudy, I stick to my morals, and I can always find clever ways to avoid things.
             All in all, I recommend this book to any teenager up for a good laugh.

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