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             George McGovern, the Democratic presidential nominee the year of 1973, called it ''the mother of all.
             White House scandals.'' Watergate was in fact the name of the biggest political scandal in United States.
             history. It involved illegal activities such as burglary, wire-tapping and espionage. All designed to help.
             Richard Milhous Nixon to win re-election in 1972 But, instead it resulted in the resignation of president.
             Nixon. On June 17, 1972 five men were caught breaking into the headquarters of the Democratic.
             National Committee. The headquarters were in a large apartment building complex called Watergate.
             The men had intended to photograph documents and to place wire taps on the telephones. The.
             group's leader was James McCord who was on the committee to reelect the President and was also.
             handling Nixon's campaign. Papers found in the pocket of one of the burglars led to White House staff.
             members. Which meant that there were more people involved then just the original seven. The.
             cover-up started to begin. The Nixon administration hid and shredded any and all documents, which.
             could lead to any, connected between the white house and the burglars. Weeks later the seven.
             Watergate defendants were indicted and were paid money for their silence. Throughout 1972 little was.
             said about the Watergate scandal. A poll showed that most Americans had not even heard of it. In.
             November, Nixon was overwhelming reelected and in 1973 the trial of Watergate seven was held. All.
             defendants pleaded guilty or were convicted and it seemed as if the whole mess was over. Then on.
             March 23, 1973 Judge John Sirica who presided over the trial of Watergate received a letter from James.

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