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            The Watergate affair was the most significant scandal in United States government history. Watergate is defined as a scandal involving abuse of power by public officials, violation of the public trust, and attempted obstruction of justice. The Watergate scandal is named after the building complex in Washington D.C., which was the site of the illegal activities that took place in 1972. I will explain what Watergate was, a few of the key players, many too numerous to mention, and the end result of the people involved.
             Watergate all started on June 17, 1972 when five men attempted to break in to the Democratic national headquarters in Washington's Watergate complex. The men were arrested, after police were notified by a security guard, and were in possession of cameras and electronic surveillance equipment. They were suspected of attempting to tap the telephones there in order to gain the upper-hand information of the Democratic campaign. The men were tried and convicted in a federal court, but the judge, John Sirica, suspected the major cover-up of a possible national conspiracy. Sirica later received a letter from one of the burglars, James McCord which stated that there was definitely a cover-up. This letter led to a nationwide eruption and the trust and tolerance for politicians greatly declined. .
             The five burglars were sent to jail in January of 1973. White House counsel John Dean attempted to buy the men's silence with 400,000 dollars of "hush- money and the possibility of presidential pardons. Instead the burglars began to talk and the Nixon administration was being pushed against a wall. A separate committee was started to investigate and John Dean began to sweat. Dean told Nixon (in revised words) "We're in deep crap-. Nixon sensed that his high officials were going to break at any moment so he fired Dean, chief domestic advisor John Ehrlichman, and White House Chief of Staff H.

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