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United States the Police of the Globe

            The United States has for many years stood by foreign policies that aim in maintaining the peace, safety and order of the global community. Being the most influential country it, has taken on the role as world leader and many would agree the law enforcement of the United Nations constitution. Its great power comes with vast responsibility for implementing justice within the firm United Nations statutes consistently. Unfortunately, a number of people, including Americans and people of other nations beg to differ on how efficient a job it has managed thus far. Using three examples from recent years, the differing perspectives can begin to be understood.
             Shortly after the end of world war two, the Jewish race was one of the most affect by the Nazi rule. It was decided by the newly formed United Nations that an independent state would be formed for the Jews to call home. They declared part of Palestine the rightful location based on Jewish religious history. The Palestinians naturally were against the decision but had little influence. .
             For the Jews after traumatic years of Nazi racism the new state was a blessing and hope for a peaceful future free of horrific persecution ever again. This was short lived and predictably so following what happened shortly after being granted their sovereign state.
             The Israeli government began claiming prime land of neighbouring countries as theirs based on their religious history. Backed by the U.S. government through modern weaponry the Arab opposing states were at a disadvantage in defending their rightful land. It was only after months of discussions and peace treaties that Israel agreed to pull out military forces from other neighbouring states i.e. Syria and Egypt. They did not adhere to the initial division of Palestine to accommodate them. As a result Palestine has been divided into two small provinces occupying Palestinians twice the population of Israel in less than have the area Israel occupies.

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