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What Are The Qualities That Make An Effective Teacher?

            What are the qualities that make an effective teacher?.
             An effective teacher is one who runs an effective classroom, and touches the lives of children. An efficient teacher is one who knows what they are doing and does the right thing consistently. To be and effective and efficient teacher you must have three very important characteristics for student success. Positive expectations, good classroom management and designing lessons for student mastery.
             Positive expectations, extremely good classroom management skills, and know how to design lessons for student mastery. Positive expectations are essential to student success. When the teacher has high expectations, not high standards, the students will perform to your expectations. If you believe that all students are above average and that they all are capable learners, these expectations will transmit to the student, and the student will succeed. If these expectations are apparent toward all students it will benefit both the teacher and the students. By setting high standards for a student, the teacher is encouraging the student to do the same and will eventually develop high expectations for him or herself. A teacher who is constantly looking for the best possible work from the child will force the child to try his or her hardest in order to please the teacher. Going along with this idea is the whole idea of the teacher being interested in the subject matter. If the students know that the subject they are studying is something that greatly interests the teacher, they will be motivated to try their hardest in order to please the teacher. To instill positive motivation when they succeed - praise them; when they fail - show them how to succeed next time. If this is done properly it will be a teacher's strongest tool! Motivation is not just the words you say to your students, it is the actions that you do and the example you set for them. I have found that no matter what I tell my subordinates, or my son, the best way to teach them is by setting the example for them to follow.

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