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My future as teacher

            Teaching in general is a science that require, a lot of quality, dedication, responsability and understanding between the teachers and the student to be most effective. Every teacher has special advantages and strength to communicate his knowledge to the student. Althought try to hide their weaknesses in front of the students, they are liable and accountable for their action and the way to they teach.
             A good teacher has assets like: Knowledge, loves teaching, fair, strict, understanding, funny, caring, creative, sincere, open minded, professional, responsible, flexible, patient, respectful. Knowledge: is one of my major concern because if I don't have it, for me will be imposible to teach something that I do not know ; it is like cheating to my self and to the student as well. Loves teaching: The main reason that I have choosing this profession is because I love children and I like to give and small contribution to their future. Fairness: Be fair with the students will be very important part of my teaching to be suscefull. My students may ask questions without hesitation and not be afraid to be embarrased. Also I most be strict, respectfull and severe with the student to accomplish a good job in the art of teaching, mutual respect may me able to gain the control of my class.
             Teachers have liabilities by the way their teach and the concept of his explanations like : morality, economic, political concepts etc. Political concepts: I most be very carefull about political concept because that's will define the future of possible government official. Economics: is a reflections of the teacher personality that indicate how a person like me with and honest profession can survive and subsists normally. Weaknesses is a bad part of the human no matter what profession they make a living, the examples of weaknesses can be : lack of interest, lack of knowledge, lack of respect. Lack of interest for the student: is the worse weaknesses that teacher may have, I hope that never happen to me.

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