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Teachers Failing Students

            In the article "In Praise of the F Word," written by Mary Sherry, she states that "We must review the threat of flunking and see it as it really is – a positive teaching tool." This quote suggest that teachers can use the strategy of flunking a student in order to help them succeed in school and in their future. Flunking a student may create fear in the student which will cause them to do better in order to raise their low grade. Also, it is the right thing to do if the student(s) has not been doing the sufficient amount of work to pass the class. Furthermore, teachers will need to recognize that giving a student a low grade might lower the student's self-esteem, or cause them to give up on their abilities.
             The first reason why teachers should consider failing a student is because, maybe the student(s) have not been doing well in that class. There are many students who want to be successful in their life and career, but there are others who get overconfident and start slacking off. These are the students that need to be paid attention to. If the teacher truly cares about the students' future, then they will try to do their best to help the student(s) get back on their feet. Failing a student to teach them a lesson can be an option here. When failing, the student will develop fear, and become motivated to start doing the work again. As I have experienced, a few times, failure caused me to regain power, and achieve my goals. I began to get a little frightened that I might end the semester with a low GPA. This fear resulted in trying harder and doing better quality work for my classes.
             The second reason why teachers should fail some students is because they are not doing the amount of work necessary to pass the class. It is tragic that many students do not care about their future. Instead of learning and doing the work for a certain class, they go out with their friends.

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