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             Even before I was in high school I knew I wanted to become a high school history teacher. Ever since then I have day dreamed of what my future will be like and what strategies I will use to teach. I go to my own classes and highly critique the learning experience I receive and what does and does not work. I have found two strategies that work effectively when teaching. One strategy is to have the students highly active and involved in the classroom. Second is to make them have a visual image of what they are learning and make every historical event seem as if it were happening right now and has an effect on us right now.
             Boring kids to death is not an effective way of teaching. This is why it is important to have students stay active in order to learn. Nobody has the attention span to go into a classroom and listen to a teacher babble on for a hour about something they might not even care about anyways day in and day out. Students must be involved in their own educational process.
             One way I plan on teaching history is to have the students teach themselves. History is a series of stories. All I have to do is have them read the textbook the night before the lecture then have them tell the story to one another. However, this does not make teachers wall flowers, they too must stay actively involved and be enthusiastic about it. They should intervene to make sure key information is not missing, the story stays flowing and accurate, to propose questions, and to keep everybody involved and learning. This strategy keeps them active and apart of their own learning process. Class participation can be done in several forms such as one-on-one discussions, small group discussions, or classroom discussions.
             Some scholars feel that high school students might not be mature enough to be able to teach themselves, and fear they will get out of control. I disagree and feel that they are more likely to misbehave if they are bored.

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