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Future Makers

             The people that make the future are the ones who are successful. We improve on the present and can make a future for others. That is why the kids, "Future markers", are important to the world so that they can make a difference. I think that the community should provide positive role models, because it is important for kids to behave and have a good life, but still have the fun and freedom they deserve. Kids should also get good education or else they can not be successful and make a positive future, but some times we just think school or education is too long and boring. Last is to help out one another and teach one another, because you have to pass on what you have learned so that others can do the same or improve.
             "A new community group is aiming to provide young people with positive role models.", I think that is true because, kids that are bad and corrupt are the ones who are not as successful in life as others who are not. Like people smoking in public, it may encourage kids to smoke or to do drugs. To make a future we may have to stay as positive as we can but sometimes bad things can happen that can effect a teenagers life, and feelings toward life. People must also change their attitude and strengthen their relationship between each other to make this happen. Lastly I think that teens and adults should have a better relationship and they should listen more so that we can work together to make a better society.
             Many teens have problems about school and education. "A prime example of the failure of the public schools to teach kids anything exciting, anything that would make them want to learn more about what they're reading." I agree with this, most of the books that kids read are not that interesting and that there is nothing exciting about them. I think we should come up with a different, or better way of educating teens that is more interesting or exciting. Also I think that it is important for kids to get the education so that our future won't be as bad and so that we won't make that many mistakes in the future.

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