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How Will Puffy Be Remembered?

             How will Sean "Puffy Combs be remembered.
             Diddy was born Sean Combs on November 1, 1970. Combs was born and raised in the Harlem section of New York. Despite his mother Janice Combs being a model, Sean Combs had a very normal upbringing. His father, Melvin Combs died when Sean was only three years old. What we want to know is how a man without a college education, thug ties, and a bad temper rose to prominence. For the purposes of this paper we will recognize the man to highlight the accomplishments and more importantly explore his future.
             Mr. Combs has done everything that could be expected of a young entrepreneur, what is upsetting to most people is Puffy is really good at what he does. He went to Howard University, majoring in business. During that period in Puffy's life he landed an internship with Uptown Records. Moving his way up the corporate ladder Sean became an A & R representative for Uptown. Mr. Combs started producing and was fired shortly thereafter. Not to be discouraged Puffy took his people promptly over to Arista where he started Bad Boy Entertainment. We know about his bands and we appreciate his songs, but the respect for Sean "P. Diddy" Combs should come from his numerous appearances in Forbes. All the Harlem shuffles can"t match his fusion of eclectic musical styles. Nor can T-shirts and jeans mask his penuche" and style exhibited in Sean John clothing. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, "No man can wear one face to the public and another to himself without one day forgetting which one is which." Who is Sean Combs? .
             Thus far this paper has listed some of Puffy" accomplishments. But can a man truly be measured by his accomplishments? I would have to say that a man is measured.
             by the people he has positively affected throughout his life. If this is the case, then Sean Combs truly will be missed at his passing. Due to Mr. Comb's successes he is able to give back to his community through a social program called Daddy's House.

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