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             In today's world we are constantly reminded that if we want to feel good we have to look good, and to look good we have to eat right. It is almost everyone's desire to have a perfect tanned and toned body. We are told in the language of advertising what to eat and why we should eat it. My aim is to focus on how advertisers manipulate us into buying their products by using advertising language to promote good health and give us the impression the food is natural and healthy. I looked into many different food and women's magazines, and found there were a variety of advertisements related to my topic. I have chosen to use several advertisements all advertising different foods but emphasising the healthy, natural goodness we are all looking for in different foods. .
             The advertisers of "Mainland Cheese" focus on selling their product to parents with young children. The main words "Building Blocks For Healthy Bodies" is a play on words as the visual image is of a man made with cheese "blocks". This gives a comic affect and is used to draw the attention of the reader. There is also a distinct reference to having a good healthy body in the main heading. Again attracting the parent to thinking it is a health food good for their child. The word healthy is repeated many times throughout the advertisement. This is for memorability purposes and to emphasise the fact the product is healthy. There is a lot of jargon and facts used throughout the advertisement. There are references to our daily calcium intake and many facts about what our children should be eating. The large table at the end of the advertisement, again refers to percentages of calcium and protein. This jargon suggests the importance to the specific target group being parents of young children. The name of the product Mainland Cheese is also repeated throughout the advertisement again for memorability purposes. The mainland slogan "Good Things Take Time" is used for memorability purposes but also is a cliche".

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