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Body Health - Comprehensive Health Assessment

            Having a healthy body takes hard work, dedication, and discipline because your body is very important. I've noticed the importance human wellness after completing the Comprehensive Health Assessment test. It evaluates your body and things that could affect your health in negative and positive ways. I know that in order to accurately see where my human wellness I would have to answer Comprehensive Health Assessments carefully so that I could see my strengths and weaknesses. Also, demonstrating knowledge of personal health truly shows where you stand with your personal health and ways to improve your personal health. .
             In my assessment I had some strength in a couple of key areas. Some areas include alcohol tobacco and other drug use, disease prevention, and social occupational health. Other areas included social psychological health, nutrition and weight management, and healthcare consumerism. These were my strength areas. I don't take part in any activities that have anything to do with alcohol tobacco or any other drug use. I realize and have all my life that these things are not good for my health and body. Those things can affect my body and health in very negative way so I refrain from using any products of that kind. I also fared well in social occupational health. I am very satisfied with my feelings towards myself. Disease prevention was another area that I feel like I take much pride. I try to keep myself clean at all times or majority of the time. I feel like I take the proper steps needed to be successful in this category. I will continue to get better in this category and to tweak any areas that may need to be tweaked so that I can become nearly perfect in this area. .
             One of the biggest areas that I was most satisfied with myself was social psychological health. I feel as though I am in good standing with the way I interact with my family and others around me. My feelings toward them are very strong and I'm sure the feeling is very mutual.

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