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Health Care

            Data have shown there are about 43 million people a month that do not have health insurance, which is an estimate of one to six people without health insurance coverage. Furthermore, there are one in three citizens between the age of 18 and 64 that are uninsured. Nevertheless, the statistics also indicates that citizens lacking good health insurance coverage are at risk to spend more than 10% of their annual income on medical care. In addition, individual health coverage can cost a person up to $1,500 to $2,500 and family health coverage could run up to $3,500 to $7,500.
             Apparently, citizens that resided in the suburbs usually have a continuous health care coverage of an average of 74 percent more than people living in central cities do. Moreover, people without a high school diploma have a median period of 7.6 months without health insurance coverage.
             Furthermore, the data also presents blacks, whites and Hispanics health insurance coverage in regards to age, sex, nativity, household relationship, household income, and education that will be presented in class. As a result these are statistics of the total number of Hispanics that does not have health insurance coverage during the year is 12,417 and covered by some type of health insurance is 25,021. Evidently, the statistics are out of a total of 37,438 Hispanic citizens. On the other hand, Black's total number of citizens that are uninsured is 6,833 and the total number of insured blacks is 29,190. Apparently, the statistics are out of a total of 36,023. On the contrary, the White citizen's total number of people is 230,071. Yet, there are only 31,193 people not covered with health insurance. Thus, the total amount of insured people is 198,878. To conclude, data proves that there are more blacks that are uninsured a year than any other race.

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