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Erin And Gwen

             "What did you just say?" Erin said with an exhausted tone.
             "I said," Her co-pilot replied softly. "That we have to make a drop in Fiji. It's not my idea so don't get all pissy at me." .
             They both sighed lightly in the dim cockpit. The engines low murmur was the only thing piercing the deep silence that Erin and Gwen had been sitting in for 12 hours, only to have 6 more hours to look forward to due to their new "mission". Erin and Gwen met in college as freshmen and have been best friends ever since. They went through air-flight school, the air force, and everything else together which was comforting, but sometimes they wondered how things would be if the other just wasn't there. They sat and stared out the window. The ocean was black and seemed endlessly deep and far. Close to the dark horizon the moon was white and a quarter full. Thousands of stars seemed to light up the dark mottled blue sky that was clear except for a few lingering clouds on the horizon. .
             "Gosh, it's so pretty." Gwen said in a dreamy tone. .
             She's always been a dreamer, wanting to travel and go adventure in exotic places. Before she started college, she didn't even really have a career or life goal; other then partying and wondering about how leaves got their shape and color, and if God made clouds look like bunnies on purpose, or if it's just one of those things that happen in nature. She didn't know and didn't really care to know; she just thought it was interesting to think about for a while. .
             "I"m getting something to eat." She said, "You want something or are you good?.
             "I"m fine Oh yeah, can you get me a beer from our stash?" Erin asked with a smile. .
             "Eh, yeah, I bet it wouldn't hurt." Gwen replied with a shrug and grabbed a sandwich she made for herself from the gray American Airlines duffle bag that was lying next to her foot. She rummaged through more clothes and bottles of her favorite drinks until she finally stumbled upon the shiny brown bottle that she had had so many good times with.

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