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Gwen Harwood

             My theme as a journalist today is about change and emphasis on changing self. Change is a process, a transition or alteration that affects all aspects of life. A poem written by Gwen Harwood has a definite and clear picture of change and changing self this poem is called Father and child. The poem father and child is in two parts and these two parts define the immaturity of a young naive child and the second part is the mature serious child now. The child realises the change that has occurred when she kills the owl, she has performed an evil act and realises she can never be the same. She has entered fully into an adult world one of decisions and consequences; this is through a very harsh lesson. The incident which induced this change is related in first person, which is effective by making the reader come to the reality of horror of the child's actions. .
             Another poem that has emphasis on change and changing self also by Gwen Harwood is called At Mornington; this poem begins from youth to middle aged through to death. Both of these poems are early recollections of their memories from childhood and both talk about the past and present time. Change is communicated in the poem from the beginning of the poem the poet is happy and more telling a joyful experience, but during the poem, the poet changes into a more reflective tone. A transition is also represented and communicated through the poet as she "leapt" from a child to a middle aged woman over "parents grave" "in silence". The poet seems vulnerable as a child "like a doll" and her attitude towards the change is understanding, and she knows that it has to happen. The poets attitude is not resentful but positive, and uses what she has instead of dwelling in the past, and when she stops "seized at last" the realisation of what goes on "pain, memories, love and grief" are all a part of life, no one can control death, it is just how life works.

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