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In The Future

            I believe that the future of humanity is just going to bring in new improvements to the way we live. We can look forward to improvements in travel, personal choices, and greater advances in medicine. We"ll have more time and money to spend on the greater joys of life. Nothing will be impossible in the future. .
             The first thing that I predict will be a major improvement in our lives is the construction of two huge highways that would connect the U.S. to Great Britain, and the U.S. to Japan. These Intercountry highways would greatly increase trade and vastly improve what are already friendly relations with these countries. Better trade results to better prices on products for American consumers. I imagine prices on electronics going down at least 20%.
             I also predict that sometime in the future there will be color changing paint. Now I know what your saying, Color changing paint already exists, right? I believe that the temperature actually dictates what color the paint will change in to. What I"m thinking of is say buttons on your dashboard and you just get to pick what color you want your car to be. It won't be super expensive, it will just cost the same as regular paint. Imagine stepping into your car or truck and changing the color of your vehicle from blue to white because the state has reached a record high of 126 . White would help keep your car cool because it reflects the suns rays. You could also change your car color depending on what mood you are in at the time. I believe that this new invention will be amazing.
             The third and last thing that I predict that will affect us in the future is the inventing of the miracle medicines. I"m talking about medicines that can promise 100% recovery from such life threatening diseases such as Aids or Cancer. It would be so great if we could finally claim victory over these ailments. Just think of all the lives that would be saved. What if we could create a medicine that would give an 80 year old the strengthfull memory that a 20 year old boasts of.

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