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Parent/teacher conferences

            The components of student, parent and teacher involvement.
             Running Head: Student, parent and teacher involvement.
             Through out this course I have formulated a better understanding of what it is teachers need to do to create a better plan for the full participation of parents, teachers and students. The plan is comprised of 5 basic steps; understanding the importance of the parent teacher conferences, how to prepare for parent/teacher conferences, the invitation of both mother and father to a parent/teacher conference, bringing the student along for the parent teacher-conference, and moving towards a quality and productive parent/teacher conference.
             The first parent/teacher conference of the year may initially be uncomfortable for both the parent and the teacher. However, a well-conducted conference will move beyond grades or problems that the student may be experiencing. It might be a time for the parents to share their knowledge of their child, including their hopes for the child's future. It could also be an opportunity for the teacher to increase the parents" awareness of their child's classroom experience and how the child relates within the schools environment. There are several things that both parents and teachers can do to assist in making the conferences successful and productive.
             Remember to be polite, personable, and positive. Avoid lecturing by giving examples and developing common goals. As parents and teachers grow in their ability to work together and respecting their mutual roles, conferencing and communication will become easier.
             Preparing ahead of time for parent/teacher conferences is very important. The better prepared you are before the conferences, the more beneficial the meeting will be for the group as a whole. Have in mind that the conferences are for your child's own benefit. Always try to practice and remember some specific questions or subjects that you would be interested in bringing up at the conference.

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