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Beyond the Classroom

             Studies show that high school students are not doing as well as they used to years ago.An extremely high proportion of American high school students don't take school seriously anymore.Most time that teenagers spend outside school is focused on activities that compete with, rather than reinforce, what they are learning in school. Steinberg, a profesor at Tempull University, studied high school kids for almost four years and he says that we shouldn't blame everything on the school system. Parents are the ones responsible for their kid's performance and you, as parents, are the only ones that can help your kids improve in school. I, as an expert on high school education, believe that American parents are just as disengaged from schooling as their children are. You, the parent, are responsible for your childs future and for the consequences that their performance in school is going to have on them years from now. Let me give you some pointers that Steingberg believes would improve your child's performance a lot. The most important things that influence your childs performance are your behavior, peer groups and, off course, the parenting style.
             Actions speak louder than words. You,as parents, have many opportunities to demonstrate how important your children's education is. If you attend school functions, volunteer at activities, and so on, you show them that school is worth your time and energy-and they learn that it's worth theirs. If you don't get involved, you send the message that no matter what you say, you don't really consider school all that important.You should especially attend all student conferences so you'll be able to speak directly to your child's teachers. That will let you know in what level your child is and what he need to work on most. One third of the kids in the U.S say that they can just go home with any grade and their parents won't get mad. If you follow all your child's school activities and conferences you'll let them know that you expect the best from them.

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