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Respect, Trust, and Listening

            Differences shape what we know and who we are. If only a single perspective is shared amongst us life and society cannot be understood; we need many viewpoints to truly and clearly see the world. Most college classes are based on solely one particular subject, say if one takes Economics the only thing that is discussed is, Economics. In English 1102, specifically in Professor's Sweat's classroom, one of the most valuable real world lessons that students gained was dialogue. Dialogue is way more than a simple conversation that people have on regular basis. Dialogue requires listening, respect, and trust. .
             Listening is a valuable aspect of dialogue, some people can pretend that they care about what you have to say, and some just turn heads on your opinion and experiences. Listening to others voice their experiences and opinions takes lots of skills, which was witnessed in Professor Sweat's class. Every time a subject was discussed in class many of the students participated and shared their voices. Deeply listening to others and their feelings, experiences and wisdom that lies in their words and what they have to say is one of the most beneficial lessons that can be carried from college and beyond. .
             Furthermore, trusting the integrity of others, believing they also have the right to their opinions even if their ideas is different from others and valuing others to the point to risk sharing ideas is what respect is all about. To be specific, in classroom and in a working environment, respect must be gained. Others may hold ideas and opinions that could be the solution to the puzzle we hold. Children are always told to have respect for other people and what they have to say, and as they grow older for some people it becomes harder to pay that respect to others. Respect is one of the beneficial lessons I will carry from my college career and beyond. Before, I did have respect for other people, I let everyone I came across share their opinions bur never actually listened enough to use their experience and lessons and apply it to my incomplete puzzle piece.

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