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Relationships - Listen for a Change

            Something that is very disturbing to me is the drastic change in marriages and family values. The statistics are staggering how many single mothers and fathers are out there raising their children on their own without any assistance from the other parent. One problem that has always been a nagging through the years is poor communication. It seems like most couples have always had issues with one person always being in control and more than likely they are the type to feel they are never wrong.
             It goes without saying that factors like respect and trust are essential in any relationship, but if you aren't able to convey your feelings or personal fears, it will eventually make you question whether your partner ever truly why you feel like they take you for granted. Going from experience from past relationships and from observing that way others act towards each other while having a serious discussion. Instead of trying to be respectful they tend to point blame, criticize, and in the end one person will simply block their other out. The fact that so many people feel that using the silent treatment is the best remedy for handling a subject we aren't comfortable with. Now more than ever couples have a lot more to fight over and many will use social networking as a tool to reach out to others when they feel unwanted or unappreciated. .
             While arguing isn't always the best way to express our feelings, but knowing how to defend your view on the matter and understanding where your partner is coming from makes a huge difference. Times have changed a lot over the last 50 years and yet you still see couples struggling with their sex life or lack of, that leads to fidelity issues, money and power have always been something that most couples focus on. In todays workplace, we see that a large majority of the workforce is made up of women and with this change, it leads to conflicts about who is responsible for household chore and duties.

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