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             In every thing that we do, there is a relationship. There is relationship going on right now between this paper and myself. However, there is dissonance, due to the fact, that certain questions arose about this interaction. This is much like my relationship with Omar. In Environment, I learned about, symbiosis. Symbiosis is when there is a relationship between two things, which are beneficial to one another. That is the type of relationship I wish to achieve. Yet, questions arose on the validity of our relationship. I feel like an anthropologist studying the differences in two species. As any scientists, I asked why, and how are we similar in value. Not only that, but how are we unique, and how can we achieve symbiosis.
             Coming from a Jamaican background, you have certain values as do any culture. Enculturation is what you receive. I am held captive to my culture, where Omar isn't. My culture is conditioned; there is no room for error, only change. For instance, I learned that friends are temporary. Whereas, he learned that friends are a building block in all aspects. Most friendships, I have not been able to keep, due to my communication skills and what I find important. On the other hand, Omar is capable of making adjustments through his culture, to provide a longer relationship. Even though are culture is the same, it brought forth different messages, which is due to our upbringing.
             In every situation there is a building block. Family has become the starting point to build our viewpoints on society. However, I think they are the reason for discord as well. For example, I was born in Brooklyn, NY, whereas, Omar was born in Ft. Lauderdale. My parents are very overprotective, due to the environment we grew in. In NY, you never know if your child is coming back home. On the other end, Omar's parents are not as interested in where he is going. There is always conflict, because he may want to go out and do this, but I cannot.

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