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Body Weight and the Quality of Interpersonal Relationships

            The article, "Body Weight and the Quality of Interpersonal Relationships", assesses whether being underweight, normal-weight, overweight, and an obese American rises variations in self-evaluations. This article was published in the 2006, Social Psychology, Quarterly, Volume 69, N.2, pg. 127-149. Analytical researchers Deborah Carr, and Michael A. Friedman based out of Rutgers University take these self-evaluations, both positive and negative aspects towards their interpersonal relationship. This experiment is meant to find a correlation between bodyweight, (one major aspect is the prevalent rising rate of obesity), and one's own qualitative self-image.They conducted experiments regarding with people with a number different body types and statures, and how the consequence of such a body type affects the individual in question in a positively or negatively manner where their interpersonal relationships is the independent variable.
             There is a stereotype perpetuated in today's society regarding most of our life, from the food we eat, and the things we should and should not do, to the fashion style that almost seems required to be accepted by society. One major importance to a human is the requirement of being accepted as a person exemplified in the "Social Phycology," reader, as well as the one of Miss Partin's videos.
             In order for the majority of people in society to fit, they conform around a single thing, emulate it and do not skew from it. In hopes that this in a sense, this assembly line of conformity end in acceptance. However, specifically for this paper, different forms and sources of media are keystones into the world of stereotypes that the general public feeds off steering them into fear of ridicule for being different.To be attractive is a subjective thing, it truly is a perspective, it is an opinion that truly belongs to the eye of the beholder. In all actuality to be considered attractive, is to be satisfied with one's self, but the majority of people tend to forget it.

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