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The Coaches Playbook

             Developing Your Coaching Philosophy .
             The coaching philosophy you choose is central to how you define your career and how your team functions in practices and competitive situations. To develop a coaching philosophy one needs to set a foundation for the program you choose to create. It not only guides you and your staff, but also sets the stage for the athletes on your team. This will lead them to assume responsibility for their own actions and decisions, as it encourages them to meet the expectations that affect them as individual athletes, along with the entire team. .
             As a young coach, you will create a dynamic philosophy which will continue to evolve throughout ones career until such time. This only will happen if one can be comfortable and confident with the way they make decisions for the team. My coaching philosophy will inevitably be shaped by the experiences I gain by working with different athletes in various situations. Ultimately, one's philosophy will comprise with the values they hold in highest regard and the ones I as a coach are comfortable sharing with and teaching to the athletes that make up my team in order to build character. Once such value may be that the actions of one individual can affect the entire team. In other words, if one relay member misses one or more practices, the athlete's absence can not only negatively affect the reaming three athletes in practice, but it may also consequently affect the entire team. .
             The 8 coaching principles that I stand by as an upcoming coach are:.
             1. Be yourself.
             2. Define your coaching objectives.
             3. Establish rules.
             4. Build and nurture relationships with athletes.
             5. Be organized .
             6. Involve your assistant coaches.
             7. Help athletes manage their stress.
             8. Focus on the big picture .
             Part 1: Principles of Coaching.
             Chapter 2.
             Determining Your Coaching Objectives .
             When a coach is determining coaching objectives for their team there are certain criteria to look into.

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