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Football: How to Play Quarterback

             If you put the time and effort into these steps, you can become a great quarterback. To be great at the position you will need to spend several hours learning defensive coverages, reading the defense, to have a high football IQ. I assume you know the basics but if you follow these steps you can develop yourself to become a great quarterback in high school, college and even the NFL. Learning the fundamentals of playing quarterback is the first step you will need to know about the quarterback position. Understanding all of the terms and concepts will help you become a great quarterback. Playing quarterback is the most difficult position in football. People might say offensive lineman or linebacker but quarterback is defiantly the most difficult. .
             Advantages of Playing Quarterback.
             There are a lot a skills you need to play quarterback but it's always good to have some advantages to your game. Such as height. Height at the quarterback position is very key. The number one reason that height can be an advantage is because shorter quarterbacks have trouble seeing over there lineman. The average lineman height is around 6'5" so the perfect quarterback should be around that height. It can also help you when you are looking at the defensive positions and reading the coverage. Another advantage when playing quarterback is having your weight to be at the right amount. When playing quarterback, you're going to get hit, that's expected. You have to add muscle which when you add muscle you gain weight. .
             Arm Strength.
             Arm strength is important when playing quarterback because it allows you to complete passes to the wide receivers before the defensive back can react to the pass. If you don't have good velocity on your throws the defense will jump the routes and deflect the ball or intercept it. A good drill for arm strength is getting a bungee cord. Wrap it around a pole and pull the cord back and forth.

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