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Football - The Importance of the Quarterback

            In 1986, on a bitter cold afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio, the NFC championship was on the line. The Broncos were in trouble, trailing the San Francisco 49ers by seven points with only five minutes and thirty-two seconds remaining. The ball was on their two-yard line with ninety-eight yards to go. In the huddle Broncos QB John Elway said, "If you work hard, good things are going to happen " (Sullivan 15). Shortly after, Elway started drilling the ball down field over and over until they were on the 49ers twenty-eight. Sullivan writes that, "From there, he nailed the touchdown pass that sent the game into overtime, a field goal following two long Elway passes won it for the Broncos " (16). Over the years, NFL quarterbacks have been known as the captains of their teams, but people have forgotten how much QB's are team players who contributes to the success of the team by producing phenomenal stats, demonstrating good mobility, and showing great intelligence and courage on the field each day. .
             For decades there have been arguments about who is the best quarterback of all-time. However, no one knows who the best is. Some people say Dan Marino is the best quarterback ever, even though he didn't win any Super Bowls. Some say Bart Starr is the best because he is a prolific game changer. So who is the best? How should you describe the best quarterback ever? Is the best quarterback someone who holds records that haven't been broken or is he someone who leads his team to multiple Super Bowls? For Jeremy Dunn, a sports writer, a great quarterback doesn't need to have post-season success, or lead his team to multiple victories. According to Dunn, Marino is the best quarterback ever to set foot on the gridiron. Dunn states that, "Despite breaking records and producing phenomenal stats, Marino has had to carry around the encumbrance of being known as the best quarterback not to win a Super Bowl. But his legacy and place among past quarterbacks will be in question because of his lack of post-season success.

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