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Any Given Sunday

             Twenty-two men pouring their heart and soul out on a field of battle once a week.
             guys get the job done on a consistent basis. But the world around them makes it all but.
             impossible to concentrate on the task at hand. These warriors are of course professional football.
             players. In Oliver Stone's movie Any Given Sunday the lives of these warriors is portrayed on.
             and off the field. Stone does many things to create his football world, a combination of creating.
             a very realistic and glamourized world in which the character players live. By showing the.
             distractions around the game in this world(sports analysts, endorsements), and by using emotion.
             to show the need for all these players to be together as one, rather then being large than life.
             individuals. Oliver Stone, in Any Given Sunday, shows that despite the media and society's.
             hunger for a strong individual or superstar from a sports team, what is truly needed is a strong.
             team and an even stronger belief in team ideals.
             In the movie Stone creates very realistic lives for the players by bombarding the viewer's.
             senses of sight and sound, this allows the viewer to gain an excellent insight into the conflicts.
             between the ideas of individuals and teams. From the very first game, which is shot mostly with.
             in helmet cameras, the viewer gets a sense of the pressure that society puts on these athletes. .
             The one thing which grabs a viewers attention more so than the action or the dialogue, is the roar.
             of the crowd. That noise alone is enough for any observer to realize that the players are being.
             judged individually for every move their team makes. After a later win in a big game, the.
             Sharks are at a large party thrown by the city. Once again the viewer's senses are affronted. .
             Before going to shots of the party the camera shows a view of the earth from space. This.
             glamourizes what these players do in their time off the field, indicating that what these few.

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