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            Do you think you know your football? In this essay you will learn about it. You will learn about Some NFL history. Besides history you will learn about the offense. There is also another side called the defense. .
             One thing you are going to learn about is the history of the NFL. The first NFL championship game took place on December 17, 1933. It was between the Chicago bears and the New York Giants. The bears defeated them 23-21. On March 21, 1946 the Los Angeles Rams signed Kenny Washington, the first African American NFL player. The first NFL rules were adopted in February 25, 1933. They were specifically for the NFL.
             Besides history you are also going to learn about the offense. There are 11players on an offense. It is divided into two groups. Seven linemen who play on the line of scrimmage. The backfield consists of four people. The center begins each play by hiking the ball. The center also guards and tackles to make an open path for the runner. The quarterback is the one who receives the ball from the center. The quarterback may hand off the ball, pass the ball, or run it. The wide receiver usually gets most of the passes. They line up on the line of scrimmage but wide of the other players. They run down the field in planned routes to catch the balls thrown by the quarter back.
             Other than the offense, there is a defense too. The defense can use any number of players. The defensive linemen are responsible for stopping the offense running attack, and putting pressure on the quarterback. The linebackers position themselves about five yards behind the defensive line. The linebackers stop runners, pressure the quarterback, and cover the offensive receivers. There are usually three to four linebackers on a defense. The secondary usually stands on the end of the defensive line, and behind the linebackers. The secondary consists of cornerbacks and safeties. The secondary has two cornerbacks who defend the wide receivers.

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