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Comparing College Football to Highschool Football (11/2/01)

            Carlisle Football to Mansfield Football.
             Leaving high school and starting college was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. All the people, places and things I once knew disappeared right before my eyes. Although for some, getting out of their house and a new found freedom is what they are seeking in their college experience. For me, personally, I liked the way things were, but I knew I couldn't stay seventeen years old forever. It was time to grow up. One of the biggest impacts on me was the change from Carlisle High School Football to Mansfield University Football. This was a different game all together. .
             Friday, during high school in the fall, were some of the best days of my entire life. Usually, I couldn't sleep well Thursday night, knowing what Friday night would bring. Then when Friday came I was unable to concentrate during class. I had a feeling of deep butterflies in my stomach during lunch. It was just that thought of knowing what was going to go on that night. I didn't have a care in the world, but coming off of that field victorious later that night. When I went to the locker room right after school to study that playbook one last time before entering "game mode" I could feel that feeling that only high school football can bring to a seventeen year old boy. Eating dinner with the team gave all of us time to mentally prepare for what we were about to endure. Working all year round for those ten Friday nights, why did we do it? There was no question in our minds when we began to put those pads on. We always did everything without a question and without regret. As we walk like soldiers entering battle, only our battle had a band, mothers, fathers and friends right there, behind us all the way. We left everything we had on that field every Friday night. We were one another's heroes. We fought for each other and for Carlisle High School's pride. When we came off that field bruised and battered form battle, victorious on the scoreboard or not, we knew we were all winners.

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